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CSW is not a wolf or a wolfhybrid! It’s a DOG!

It looks like a wolf, it has a long body, light but strong.
It has a straight thick wolfgrey coat with typical white mask.
CSW is observing you naturally with it’s slant placed eyes.

CSW is extremely active dog which needs a correct environment and a purposeful guide.

Sharpness and powerful hunting instinct with extreme instincts causes problems too.Also primitivity is a very visible feature in this breed’s socialbehaviour.District behaviour is very strong, usually strange dogs are not welcome in to CSW’s district.

It also may happen that the other dogs in the same house may fall in problems and concequences can be very fateful.
CSW is also very loud dog and expresses itself with several different voices; barking, howling and screaming.
I can’t recommend this breed to live in an appartment or in city environment because of these properties.
It has a strong hauling instinct, so it’s very interested of game and other house animals.
CSW:s are without question determinators and this causes own summons. They have strong need to be the alfa dog in their herd.

Many do ask if a CSW is suitable to live outdoors? Yes, it does have  a suitable coat to Finnish cold climate but….the biggest punishment for a CSW is to separate it from it’s herd where human members includes too.
More than two meters high fenches don’t keep CSW in a cage , it’s very easy to jump over or come through also. As my own experience I can say that it’s more regulation than exception.
For a dog who has a long back a running cable is a killing implement.
Plannings to have and live with CSW during have long working days and many other hobbies just do not fit together.
CSW needs your time, it can deblock frustrations around environment and then these dogs are called “problematic dogs”.
Typical activity at the night time may become a problem for some people.
CSW is very interesting to train as an obedience dog. It does learn fast both, good and bad. The biggest headstone in training is to motivate CSW. It’s very typical for CSW that it doesn’t do things it already has learned if there’s no benefit for it.
Is it possible to train CSW for schutz dog? That brand I do recommend to consider for more traditional breeds as German Shepherd f. ex.
Noticeable many CSW:s are very labourious to train house clean comparing to the other breeds.
CSW feels very often sick when travelling by a car and most of them find it disgusting.
When a CSW puppy developes and grows up you can find  following problems; as a CSW owner you’re coming to notice that it’s testing rules and limits very often, quarrels between members of the herd 
where the weakest stays the lowest.wsirius_wind_wizard.jpg
You probably have read that CSW is a herd dog which needs a herd of several dogs. I would say that’s not true. We can call CSW better as a couple dog. In a many inviduals herd there are more often problems.
Extremely strong puberties do increase tension in many inviduals herds and you can’t avoid conflicts.
Different behaviour problems are very common, depending of course on family lines and there are found soreness very often.

CSW has the same health problems as the traditionals breeds.
Appearing illnesses in this breed are; shortage of testicles, epilepsy, different cancers, hip desease, panchreatitis, eye illnesses, problems in back, few allergies, stommach sensitivity, causing by stress, is very common.
Sick dogs should NOT USE IN BREEDING:
Relative narrow pool of genes brings problems too and is the major threat.
When buying a dog from place like that you’re making possible to these breeders to continue this illegal business. These “bush breeders” are just after money. They’re making puppies with parents who’re too young, who’s backgrounds are unknown and from bitch’s every heat.
They do underestemate problems and illnesses just for the “honour” and afraid to loose money.
Experience of many years and as an owner of many breeds I feel my responsibility to lighten up people which kind of breed we’re talking about.
We have co-operated with many international breeders and now we can use the results of it.
It would be fantastic if this rare and not so easy breed would be preserved for the next generations such as it should be.